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Bay kou blye, pote mak sonje
Louis Drouin
(Left photo) Executed on November 12, 1964.
Marcel Numa 
(Above right photo)
Also executed on November12, 1964
Jeune Haiti French Version
On August 6, 1964, the group Jeune Haiti disembarked at Petite Rivière de Dame Marie in the south of Haiti, in an attempt to liberate the country from the terrors of Francois Duvalier who had dissolved the Parliament and proclaimed himself president for life. For many reasons, including the assistance expected from the population that did not materialize, these young guerilleros were either killed or captured one by one.
November 12, 1964
" I remembered well this infamous November 12, 1964, the day of Numa and Drouin's executions. To me these young men were the symbols of courage and pride. They had sacrified their lives for a better Haiti. The diabolical Francois Duvalier had forced delegations of primary school children to witness Drouin and Numa's execution."
Exerpt of Fort-Dimanche, Dungeon of Death, page 95 -
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Louis Drouin.- Wounded on October 16, 1964 during a clash with the Haitian Army at Ravine Roches, he was captured on October 19 and led to Francois Duvalier alive. Executed on November 12, 1964 against the wall of Port-au-Prince's cemetery, next to the main entrance. His last gesture of revolt was to spit on the face of Francois Delva, Commandant of Fort-Dimanche.

Marcel Numa.- He was captured in September 1964, while trying to purchase food for his comrades in Coteaux. He was excecuted against the same wall as Drouin by firing squad and died proudly on November 12, 1964. His sister Mme..., was forced by her husband to assist at the execution wearing a red dress

Yvan D. Laraque.- Killled shortly after the invasion. His body was transported to Port-au-Prince and placed on a chair at the main intersection near the International Airport. Laraque cadaver was left exposed to the sun for several days, even after it had swelled and started to decompose.

Gérald Brierre.- Known as Géto, he was killed in Dallest on September 8, 1964. His brother, Eric, also a victim of the regime was killed in the early 60's.

Charles Henri Forbin.- Son of Capt. Albert Forbin, who also perished under the Duvalier regime. Charly was killed by the army in an area called Dallest on September 8, 1964.

Jean Gerdes.- Ti Jean - He was killed on September 29, 64 at Morne Sinai. In 1963, member of the Haitian Red Cross, he put his life in jeopardy to save the victims of an area affected by Hurricane Flora.

Gusley Vildrouin.- After his death, he was decapitated and his head was brought to Duvalier at the Palace in a bucket of ice.

Roland Rigaud