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Abelard Ezéchiel Journalist, died in Fort Dimanche in September 1976 in cell #6
Abner Francois
Adolphe Armand
Aflax André
Alexandre Jean Claude From Jérémie, teacher, died in July 1975 in Fort-Dimanche
Alexandre Jean-Claude (alias Blanco) - Died in Fort Dimanche in 1976
Alexandre Joseph
Alexis Fritzner
Alexis Jacques Stephen Doctor, poet, writer, activist, spent time in jail, expelled out of Haiti, came back clandestinely and tried to infiltrate the masses, but got killed in the Nord-West. Great- grandson of J.J.Dessalines, one of the founders of the nation. Compere General Soleil
Alexis Remy
Alfred Serge Nicolas
Allen Edouard
Allen Sébastiani
Amaois Eliphète
Ambroise Charles
Ambroise Denise
Ambroise Jean Jacques
Ambroise Lyse
André Marcus Born of a French mother and an American father. Employed by Pan Am Airways. Arrested December 19, 1971. Questioned by Colonel Breton Claude, and Captain Emmanuel Orcel. Sent to Fort Dimanche where he spent 2 years. Brought back to Casernes Dessalines for some medical attention. A month later sent back again to Fort-Dimanche, where he died on February 25, 1975
André St Albert
Anecius Charlot
Anibot Masséna Peasant from Archaie. Died in August 1976 in Fort-Dimanche
Antoine Chery
Antoine Jules
Antoine Marc Donald
Antoine Mme Bernard.
Antoine Paulema
Archadé Robert From Archaie, Died in 1975 in cell 7
Arleus Frédéric
Armand Benoit Killed on April 26, 1963 - Stopped at barricade and requested to identify himself when they were looking for Clement Benoit. Killed as a result of name association.
Armand Jacques Son of Armand Benoit and one of the famous "thirteen." Killed in 1964, in the southern shores of Haiti during a military invasion attempting to liberate the country from the terrors of Duvalier who had that same year dissolved the parliament and proclaimed himself president for life. .
Armand Max Brother of Jacques. Also one of the "thirteen."
Armand Mme. Benoit
Aubourg Roger
Augustin Gérard Fort-Dimanche
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